Business spaces in a cool location

Living and working reinforce each other in De Zuid. Various industrial spaces are being realized under the apartments in ZuidHaven on the quay of the Derde Haven. An available commercial space is about 4 meters high and 8 meters deep. The size of the units varies. Some commercial spaces will be extra high – approx. 7 meters free height – in order to meet the (maritime) destination even better.

Casco delivery

The units are delivered in shell, which means that the walls and the floor, among other things, still have to be finished by the user. There are also connection points for sewerage, water, etc. The rooms are delivered gas-free and must be equipped with a heat pump by the user, possibly in combination with other installations. Next NRG is the supplier of source heat. Loading and unloading facilities are available at all business areas.

As a tenant or buyer of commercial space, it is possible to make an appointment about renting a parking space in the public parking garage that is yet to be realized at the location of the temporary Zuiderstrandtheater. Until then, temporary car parks will be in place on the Norfolk site.

Destination plan

Zoning plan Within the zoning description in the zoning plan of De Zuid, the following activities are permitted.

Article 10 – Mixed 1

10.1 Destination description

The grounds designated for ‘Mixed 1’ are intended for:

  1. Services on the ground floor;
  2. Office;

Under the option e. The aforementioned maritime and port-related companies are companies that directly or indirectly use the port for the supply and/or removal of goods or companies that demonstrably support the core business of port-related companies at the level of business processes.


If you are interested in renting or buying a business space in this fantastic place, we would like to receive it by email the following information:

  1. Type of business activity (fitting within the specified destination description). However, if you would like another activity that you find appropriate at De Zuid, we would also like to hear from you;
  2. Type of work;
  3. Starter or existing company (number of years that annual accounts have been filed);
  4. Number of m2 . required ;
  5. Rent and/or buy