De Zuid C.V. has been developed by MRP Development and VORM Ontwikkeling.

  1. De Zuid C.V. is bound by the Personal Data Protection Act.
  2. If you do not wish to receive information about our services and products, you can inform us of this and deregister.
  3. De Zuid C.V. exercises due care in processing your personal data. It only makes use of the data necessary to optimise our services. Insofar as this is not already covered by the law or any other obligations that De Zuid C.V. has taken on towards you, it will not share your personal data with third parties without prior permission.
  4. You can request De Zuid C.V. to inform you about which personal data it processes –  and to correct it, should it prove to be incorrect. You can submit a written request to provide you with an overview of your data.
  5. De Zuid C.V. uses cookies in order to offer you an optimal user experience when visiting the websites and using the apps.

Questions and contact

Should you have a question regarding our privacy policy, feel free to send a letter to the address provided here:

De Zuid C.V
P/a MRP Development
Herikerbergweg 292
1101 CT Amsterdam