Sustainability mortgage

Buyers (and potential buyers) of a home in ZuidKade can profit from the knowledge and options offered by VORM Finance’s – VORM’s mortgage division – specialists in new construction. The homes in ZuidKade are sustainable, meaning that you can make use of a sustainability mortgage. This will reduce your interest rate, allowing you to borrow more, as well as reducing the fees and offering further benefits.

Why VORM Finance?

Sustainability mortgage; the advantages

The ZuidKade homes are sustainable homes, which gives you the right to a sustainability mortgage. VORM Finance’s Mortgage Specialists help buyers of ZuidKade homes reap the maximum benefit from this. This includes:


  • A reduced mortgage interest rate, as the home is energy-efficient
  • The possibility to fully finance additional work (kitchen, bathroom, floors, etc.)
  • Solutions for the double monthly expenses during the construction period
  • A higher mortgage, as the house is energy-efficient
  • Excellent bridge financing solutions for buyers who already own a home
  • Wish to reduce your monthly expenses even further? Subject to conditions, a portion of the mortgage can be made redemption-free
  • Consultancy and brokerage fees: a mere € 800.

Avoid incorrect or incomplete information offered by commercial mortgage firms and ensure that you enjoy the perfect purchase experience

VORM Finance is VORM’s mortgage division. Day in, day out, 24/7, the people of  VORM Finance offer our buyers financial support. That is their only task. We call them ‘dedicated consultants’. VORM Finance’s Mortgage Specialists not only have specialised knowledge of mortgages for new constructions, but also of our own construction projects. This makes the mortgage process pleasant, personal and professional. We advise you to talk with VORM Finance because we want to help you avoid incomplete or incorrect information provided on the commercial mortgage market that could negatively impact your purchasing experience. Mortgages for new constructions are a different kettle of fish, and require the expertise of a specialist.

Low costs, high-quality service

Despite the fact that the total consultancy and brokerage fee amount for new constructions via FORM Finance amounts to only € 800 (all-in), the services are provided by a professional Mortgage Specialist.

During the entire period of your mortgage – in most cases, 30 years – you will be able to approach them with any mortgage-related inquiries. VORM Finance will not charge you extra – such as subscription fees – for this service. You are our buyer, which means you can count on our services.

No strings attached and free negotiations

You are advised to start exploring your personal mortgage options with your VORM Finance Mortgage Specialist as early as possible. What type of home do you want, which options and extras would you like – and what will the monthly expenses then amount to? This is important information that you want to have before you initiate the final purchasing process.

You are always welcome to visit the office in person, though you can of course also just make a phone call. This initial contact with VORM Finance is free of charge and non-binding.

You can set your own ideal monthly expenses

At VORM Finance, you are more than a mortgage client. You are our buyer. It often happens that buyers looking into a mortgage are quoted only one single monthly expense amount. However, there is always more than one answer.

VORM Finance’s specialists in new constructions take the time to explain to you in which ways you can approach your mortgage. Do you want to accrue more, or less, capital? Who are you, how do you want to live and which monthly expenses are best suited to the various life phases you will be going through? This way, your mortgage becomes a life philosophy, whereby you yourself (within your range of options, of course) determine your monthly expenses, together with your Mortgage Specialist.

Buying a house is one of the most significant financial decisions you will make in your life. Personal attention, taking the time to find the best possible mortgage solution and an approachable Mortgage Specialist… these are VORM Finance’s core values.

Best-Buy mortgage, independent

VORM Finance is an independent mortgage brokerage firm that specialises in new constructions. VORM Finance applies the Best Buy method. They always go in search of the mortgage that offers the best price/quality ratio for your personal situation. VORM Finance helps you find the mortgage banks’ sustainable options that are hard to find on the commercial mortgage market.

VORM Finance can place your mortgage with a large number of renowned national and international banks. Among VORM Finance’s prime suppliers are Triodos Bank, Vista Hypotheken, ABN AMRO, BLG, NIBC, Aegon and Nationale Nederlanden.

Do the free Quickscan!

VORM Finance’s financial Quickscan provides you with preliminary insight into whether living in ZuidKade will prove feasible and affordable. Quickscan will tell you what your maximum loan capacity is and what your monthly expenses are likely to be. This service is offered free of charge. You know us and we know you. It is a pleasant and personal process.

You can fill out the Quickscan via your account. Once you have filled out the Quickscan form, Marco, Miriam or Aletta will contact you. They are your personal ZuidKade Mortgage Specialists.


Would you like to know more, request a Quickscan or schedule a meeting straightaway? Call 0186-618777 and ask for Marco, Miriam or Aletta, your ZuidKade Mortgage Specialists. You can also send an email.

You are always welcome to visit the office in person, though you can of course also just make a phone call. This initial contact with VORM Finance is free of charge and non-binding.

Your ZuidKade Mortgage Specialists:

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