Are you interested in doing business in one of our business spaces at De Zuid?

The following activities are allowed within the zoning description in the zoning plan:


Article 10 – Mixed – 1

10.1 Destination description

The grounds designated for ‘Mixed – 1’ must be intended for:

  1. Culture and leisure;
  2. Services on the ground floor;
  3. Office;
  4. living; and at the location of the designation:
  5. ‘mixed’ also includes non-daily retail trade, catering in the light and medium category on the State of Business Activities Mixed Functions.


Under the option e. The aforementioned maritime and port-related companies are companies that directly or indirectly use the port for the delivery/discharge of goods or companies that demonstrably support the core business of port-related companies at the level of business processes.


Business space

The available commercial space along the quay is approximately 4 meters high and 8 meters deep. the size of the units varies. Some commercial spaces will be extra high – approx. 7 meters free height – in order to meet the maritime destination even better.


Interested in a space?

The specific conditions, including prices and availability have not yet been determined. But you can already express your interest by sending an email to: or (developer MRP).