Exhilarating seaside living


Living on the coast


on the

Seaside dining and drinking

On the romantic coast


Experience the ultimate freedom of living on the coast!

Living in De Zuid gives you a sense of ultimate freedom, every day. With views of the dunes, the sea and/or the harbour.

Breath-taking sunsets, fresh sea air, falling asleep to the sound of the waves, the best beach pavilions in the summer… Living on the beach is good for you not only because you spend more time outdoors, but because it is also good for your spirit. This, in combination with the local fishing industry and water sports, serves to make De Zuid a unique place to live that is full of character.

Coming soon: ZuidKade

Three living ambiances

De Zuid is creating approximately 400 homes for purchase. There are three different living ambiances. For those who are in search of peace & quiet, and nature, there are apartments that offer views of the dunes, the beach and the sea. For those who are in search of some liveliness, the apartments with a view of the dynamic harbour are sure to catch their fancy.

Sheltered by the apartment buildings, you will find single family homes, in a pleasant, restricted-traffic area. Various places on the streets and squares offer you views of the dunes and the harbour. Here, you can design your own house. Sign up here for the newsletter and remain informed of the latest developments.


Living with a view of the dunes and the sea

Luxury apartments & penthouses


Living on the harbour

Unique apartments & penthouses


Living in the sun, and sheltered from the wind

Generous townhouses

Beautiful location close tot the harbor

Hereby an impression of the beautiful location close tot the harbor, sea and dunes and nearby the city center of The Hague.